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Venice1Venice is about two hours away from Costermano, so it is a nice opportunity to go there at least for a day. Obviously it can be just a first impression, but never the less we tried a trip with the kids. It is a dream for a lot of people to once have visited Venice in their lifetime. A dream city it is, if you can block out the tourists who are everywhere. If you want to save some money you should park your car in the Via dei petroli. The parking costs 4.50 € per day which is a good price. You pay 26 € for a day at the Piazza le roma. Form the main road you take a bus for 1.50 € the bus to the piazza le roma. From there you can start exploring Venice.

We decided to walk via the Mercarto di Rialto, the Ponte di Rialto to the Piazza di San Marco.Venice3

If you need to refill your water supplies there is a good COOP Supermarket on the square around the Church San Giacomo dell’ Orio. Supermarkets are hard to find in the town which consists only of tourists or tourist related businesses. It must be hard for the real Venetians. If you like fruits or sea food, the Mercato di Rialto is your place to go. Our kids loved to see some of the Sea food as originals (without being cooked). On the market the dustmen and the respective ship were an interesting thing, too. In the end our kids called Venice “the wrong way round city” as everything is different here. An other highlight was an ambulance that speeded though the Canale Grande.
Venice2The Rialto Bridge is a bottleneck in the tourist flow through the city. It was so crouded that nearly nothing was moving anymore. An annoyed Venitian shouted “keep walking, keep walking” and the sluggish mass of tourists started to move and nagged about being advised to move.

The place in front of the Basilica of San Marco is incredible. One can really imagine how rich and powerful the city must have been. If you have the time spend a week there. It is worth it.

On our way back we used the water bus. We took the rout number one as it took us all the way along the Canale Grande and we got to see the city another time from the waterside. If you are in a hurry, then take number two, which is faster as it has fewer stops. The trip with route number one took us at least half an hour.

Venice is truly magical and we will come again when the kids are bigger and appreciate the cultural facets of Venice.