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Daughter hiking

Today after a rather boring Kufsteintrip I wanted to head up the mountains again. How do you get your kids up the hill… yes… by promising them the best playground ever on the top (Kaiserwelt). A bit like motivation at work 🙂

From Scheffau the cable car goes up the mountain and you directly hit the playground. It took some convincing that a small hike would be a good idea before then going to the playground. Yeah it worked and we had a small tour called the “Murmeltier-rundgang”. No


Mamots in sight but a lot of hiking stick equipped elderly hikers – by the way the next pest in the mountains after the “E-Mountainbikes”. It is really bad, because some years ago at least the people on the mountain bikes were trained people who knew what they were doing. Now everybody seems to manage to get up the mountains and they do not know what they are doing. Often also very unfriendly as they seem to think they own the trails. And in the valleys they block traffic.

Well and the hiking stick fraction is basically the future because of the demographic change.

Cable car on the Kaiserwelt playground

But to be fair, there were also families with kids around. Some of the kids walked like ours, and some kids preferred the hard and cantankerous way.

After an easy 3 km walk we came back to the playground, which was a real highlight for the kids. Mostly because of the cool cable cars that both the younger and the older one liked.

It was hard to convince them to go back home to the hotel…