Piazza de Bra

If you have children who love to get up at half past fife in the morning, then you will probably also reach Verona at nine o’clock in the morning. The disadvantage is that you have to get up early, but the advantage is that you reach the town before all the tourist masses reach it. Another advantage is that the heat is not so strong then if you go in summer.

Verona Arena
Verona Arena

Verona is a really nice place in the west of the “Lago die Garda” and it is home to Romeo and Julia. Besides being the scene for Shakespeare’s play it has a huge roman Arena that is the home of fabulous opera stagings. If you have the time and money then you should see one.

We managed to get one or two selfies with Julia and did not have too many other visitors around.

Visiting the Castelveccio is a good thing if you do not have small kids with you like ourselves. The famous renaissance writer “Dante” lived here and on the “Piazza de Erbe“ you get the feeling on how it must have been in those times.
On our small trip there we also found a small group on the “Piazza Imperio” that tried to go on strike or demonstrate. The group was either too small or they went on strike for so long that most of the supporters lost interest. Our kids liked their flags though.
Leaving at two in the afternoon was the best thing to do as all tourists seamed to reach Verona at this time. The kids were tired and we were glad to leave the masses of people behind. By then the temperatures were at 35 Celsius.


Starting a blog during holidays is probably a common thing and that is what I do.
Our family holidays have started and we decided to go to the “Lago die Garda”. With the hope for hot weather we got into the car and headed out for the south. Coming from Cologne we thought we’d reach the destination “Costermano” in roughly nine hours. Well… do not head out on Saturdays, as we needed fourteen hours in total. A nightmare with kids, but we made it. A big thank you to our kids who really pulled themselves together. They were real darlings and made the tour bearable. Over the “Brenner” and through the Alps we finally reached “Costermano”. The village has not too much to offer, but our small flat, we rented for the two weeks is located there. “La Filanda” is the place we chose as it sounded very nice in the ad form the travel agent.

We encountered a nice place with a historic atmosphere. It once was a textile company and it was redesigned to a holiday home place with restaurant and pool. They really did a nice job on the exterior and our kids love the pool. The interior is very simple and the beds should be better.

The place is definitively a good base to explore the region.