Start of the Sky Trail

After a good night sleep we went for our first trip. It can be recommended, if you stay longer in the region, you buy yourself the “Bergbahn Erlebnis-Card” of the region “Wilder Kaiser– Bixental”. That gives you access to several nice locations and obviously the transportation by cable cars.

We went up the “Talkaser“ which is the mounten where the “Alpinolino” area is.

Cross at the top of the mountain

We went for one of the two routs in the area – the sky trail. Our kids had to follow the trail and explore several things along the way. Mostly these were things about the wild life of the mountain region. The story is that a marmot child is lost and we had to find it by following the tracks of the marmot.

Our kids were so motivated that therewas no stopping them even for something to eat. The trail is only 3 km long, but as a first rout with the kids at the beginning of the holidays it was a good start. Most of the time it is an easy walk, only to get to the very top of the mountain, where the eagle’s net is was a bit steeper. Our four year old had not problems doing it.

Marble run

On the way back there is also a cool marble run. You have to buy a big marble made from wood and then you can let it run in the marble run next to the trail. If your kids want to do the marble run again you simple have to walk up the mountain again and start again. Once back to the mountain station you can let the kids play on the playground and enjoy the deckchairs and a cool drink.

Our kids loved it and as they were still a bit tired form the trip it was the best start for them.

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