2nd Day in Paris


First some statistics and if you stay longer than we do I don not recommend this… We walked 23,5km and were totally exhausted at the end of the day. Because of the bad weather forecast we tried to do the outdoor activities first and then the indoor sights like the Louvre.

Starting from our hotel we went for a French breakfast, which is, by the way, and unusual for Germans who love big breakfasts, not more than a coffee and a croissant. Up the hill we reached Sacré-Cœur which is already nice from the outside but really nice from the inside. All the impressive mosaics make this church worth the while. Many people, especially in Summer, have breakfast on the steps down to the city, where you have a nice view over the town.

Moulin Rouge

We then went down, through the quartier, to the moulin rouge. The area is a bit like the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and then again no. A lot of sex shops and bars, shows… The Reeperbahn is more intense and concentrated than the area along the moulin rouge.

We walked down to the opera and passed the “Galleries Lafayette”. Like many old big shops like Harrods and the KDW in Berlin Lafayette has a nice architecture. The belle epoch style in the middle of the building is worth having a look.

We passed by the opera which is a really nice and impressive building. I would have loved to have seen an opera there, but I’m not a fan of Wagner and therefore I skipped that. If you walk straight on, then you reach the Louvre, and that is what we did. We Walked through the Tuileries to the place de la concord. There you have a nice view to the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

As midday was approaching we walked across the bridge and walked to the area next to the chaps de mars and bought a baguette, by the way, the best baguette we had in Paris, and some wine. We walked to the Eiffel Tower and ate and drank on a bench in the sun. Watching the people was interesting and better than any TV show. Yes, there are some street merchants that want to sell copies of the Eiffel Tower, but it is not as bad as if you came from the side of the seine. It was really nice. We had not bought tickets for the Tower in advance and therefore did not go up. The queue was really long and only moving very slowly. After the view from Sacré-Cœur we thought it cannot be that much better.

We then walked to the Trocadero where the best pictures of the Tower can be taken. Then to the arch de triumph and down the Champs-Élysées. About midway to the place de la concord you have a good spot for fotos.

Notre Dame

Back to the place where we came from we walked along the seine to Notre Dame. In the way there, there is a good spot to look to the île de la cité. All of this would not have been as nice with the rain that we expected the next day.

There was a long queue in front of the cathedral, but it was fast and only because of the security checks there. The church was dark, but the coloured glass windows looked nice. Notre Dame is just such an important church that it is a “must see” in Paris.

Just around the corner to the church we had dinner in a small but very good restaurant “Au Bougnat”. Very good French cuisine and friendly staff.

After that we went to the area around the Sorbonne and looked around the Quartier Latin. It was very lively and there were also lots and lots of places where one could eat.

We took our first metro ride to go back to the hotel that evening. The Paris metro has, like the metro of Mexico City, rubber wheels instead of normal train wheels.

We fell asleep quite quickly that evening.

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